It’s fun, it’s interactive, it’s a party, it’s 2020 Avon Visionaries.  Two days of amazing announcements, new product reveals, giveaways, shopping, celebration, recognition, surprises, and more! Tune in early for our happy hour dance party and get pumped up!

Don’t miss a second! Mark your calendar for these General Sessions and Virtual Trainings!

Avon Happy Hour

6:00 – 7:00 pm ET (Eastern Time)

There’s no Happy Hour like an Avon Happy Hour! Get your Avon ON as our DJ spins killer dance tunes, shows off 2020’s top Avon social media posts and videos, and gets you pumped and prepped for all the fun!

  • Log in early and join the chat with 5,000+ Avon Representatives from all over the country!
  • Avon-ify your viewing party with Avon apparel, swag, pink decorations, party snacks, you name it! Then show it off! Tag your posts with #avonvisionaries. You may just see yourself on screen!
  • Get ready for fun “name that tune” and trivia challenges. You may win a cool Avon prize!
  • Show off your dance moves and all the fun you’re having by posting and tagging your pics with #avonvisionaries.

General Session – get your avon on!

7:00 – 9:00 pm ET

The live broadcast starts with the biggest, most amazing, most jaw-dropping giveaway Avon has ever done. Do. Not. Be. Late. You aren’t going to want to miss it!

  • Hear great Avon business updates and the excitement that’s still to come.
  • Cheer for some of our top Rising Stars, Anniversaries, and Title Advancements and meet National Spirit of Avon nominees.
  • Get pumped for amazing new product reveals in Color, Fragrance, and CHI hair care … PLUS a huge announcement in Skincare!
  • Fill those carts! Shop Avon without ever leaving the show! Whaaaat?! You get first dibs because you’re an Avon Visionaries attendee!
  • Plus dance breaks, surprises, prizes, and giveaways!

* Times, topics and schedule subject to change

Professional Development Series

11:30 am – 5:00 pm ET

Invest in your skills and growth with our all-new Professional Development Series. These LIVE virtual learning classes are all new just for you! Join in and take your product knowledge to the next level with social sales strategies, personal brand development, new ways of connecting with customers, and more.

  • Classic, Premium, Deluxe, Luxury: Your New Skin Care Store
  • Connected Beauty: Develop a personalized approach to makeup and servicing your customers in the new norm
  • Time Well Scent: Taking your customers on a journey through emotions and personalities of our new Avon Fragrances
  • Your Personal Brand: How to develop your own brand using the Law of Attraction and Fashion & Jewelry

Holiday Happy Hour

6:00 – 7:00 pm ET   

Celebrate the holidays Avon style! Grab your holiday onesies, ugly sweaters, eggnog and cookies, and get your favorite Avon holiday swag ready, and let’s see it! Post and tag #avonvisionaries for your chance to hit the screen during the show.

  • Your favorite DJ is back, with all-new dance music that’ll get you off your seat and on your feet! And more “name that tune” challenges – holiday style!
  • Chat with your Avon friends, post your holiday looks, dance to fun holiday music, and have a great time!

General Session – ‘Tis the Season for an Avon holiday!

7:00 – 9:00 pm ET

Get ready to unwrap the season’s most exciting NEW holiday products! Keep your eyes on the screen for the most beautiful new jewelry, hottest giftables, and most festive home décor ever!

  • It’s not the holidays until the SHOPPING starts! Shop all evening long and be the first to get your soon-to-be-favorite Avon holiday products!
  • Applause, applause for PRP Members, Pinnacle Achievers & Trackers!
  • Cheer for our 2020 Avon Visionary honorees, and the National Spirit of Avon honoree you voted for!
  • Plus dance breaks, your social media posts, and TONS of giveaways all evening!

* Times, topics and schedule subject to change


1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET

Presenter: Sally Hogshead, New York Times best-selling author

  • The more “you” you allow yourself to be, the more authentic and fascinating you become. And the more fascinating you become, the more people are drawn to you, want to spend time with you, want to learn from you, and want to buy from you.
  • Your personality assessment – along with those of other Virtual Visionaries attendees – will give Sally Hogshead the data to discuss our individual and collective Fascination Advantages and how we can elevate those traits to boost our Avon businesses. Don’t miss this incredible master class!

Professional Development Series

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM ET

3:00 – 7:00 pm ET

Tune in for round two of our all-new Professional Development Series!

  • Digital Catalog: Step-by-step on how to build a successful campaign and drive your business, in just a few simple clicks
  • CHI Styling Secrets: How to achieve the latest styles & choose the right products for every hair type
  • Digital Marketing: 5 Key Tactics to incorporate into your business to drive sales now!
  • Leadership: The value of leadership as an earnings journey

Plus bonus classes!

  • Personal Care: Skin deep discoveries; the science behind Avon innovation
  • Daily Essentials: Acquiring new customers with our new everyday home and self-care products.

* Times, topics and schedule subject to change